LMS Enrollment Import Error Examples


The LMS Enrollment Import Errors report found in LMS Integration Administration shows all errors that ocurred on the most recent enrollment data job syncing data from the LMS.

  • Click here for LMS Enrollment Import Error troubleshooting tips.
  • For information about the LMS Integration jobs, click here.
  • To view the job status and job history, from Advanced Administration check Batch Processing to verify that the LMS Enrollment Import Job is running and completing.

To view Enrollment Import Error messages by type, click on the Message column header to sort all import errors by message type.

Enrollment Import Error Descriptions

"No SS&E enrollments, skipping course section"

  •  These LMS course sections do not have any enrollment records.

"Unable to determine person from enrollment" or "Unable to find Person for LMS lookup"

  • The LMS Enrollment data that is being imported into SS&E from the LMS is associated with students that have not yet been imported into SS&E from the SIS or are missing their primary email address in People Administration.
  • In most cases, the quickest way to resolve this type of import error is to add the student's primary edu email address via their Person Override menu from People Administration. For instructions on how to override a student's primary email address, click here.

"Failed to fetch enrollments for the course section. Message: Failed to fetch enrollments for course section"

  • SS&E is receiving course section LMS Id values, either via the Course Resolver or Course Section Administration manual override, that do not exist in the institution's LMS System.
  • If the enrollment data is not syncing for any courses, and this error is on every course section, then most likely something changed in the LMS, or the job is not running.
  • If the error is displayed on some courses, did anything change in the LMS system course configuration settings or in the API? To check this:
      1. Confirm that the LMS ID in SS&E Course Section Administration is correct.
      2. Compare the course settings in the LMS System with another course that is syncing properly.
      3. If the LMS System setup and formatting looks good. please open a Support ticket so that SS&E staff can help check for errors in the API, including screenshots of everything that was checked.

Grade [nan %] is not a percentage

  • The associated course section includes grades that are not formatted as a percentage.
  • Moodle Support reported that this error message also displays when students don't have any grades in the gradebook that count towards the course total, and their LMS Course total is 0.00 (). This usually occurs when a student is dropped early on in a course, so "dropped courses/ suspended records" are causing total column format errors on LMS Grade data synced via the Moodle API.
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