Student Filter Bulk Action Menu


The bulk action filter menu is a list of action items that can easily be applied to any saved student/person type filtered list of students.

Student (Person Type) Filter

Since the bulk action menu is accessible from a student/person type filter, a prerequisite is creating and saving a student/person type filter.

  • Filters are user specific.
  • Filters can be scoped to your Caseload or Everyone (all users).
  • The available filter options are pre-defined for each Person Type in Person Type Administration
  • To create a student/person type filter, select New Filter and select the criteria that identify the select group of students/people.
      • Some Student Filters use tags to identify a list of students. Tags may be assigned automatically by the system or user defined. For more information about tags, click here.

Bulk Action Menu Options

On any saved filter, select the three dots to the right of the filter name to access the filter bulk action menu.

Depending on the administrative settings, the following items may appear on the Bulk Action Menu, allowing the user to take a bulk action on the filtered list subpopulation group of students/people.

The bulk-action filter menu options include:

  • Send messages
  • Send an alert
  • Add a note
  • Send a survey 
  • Assign a task
  • Assign an action plan

The filter bulk-action menu can also be used to:

  • Edit the filter
  • Copy the filter to start a fresh filter
  • Delete the filter
  • Send the filter results to Excel
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