Field Experience

  • Field Experience Overview

    This video provides an Overview of the Field Experience functionality

  • General Field Experience Workflow

    Field Experience Flow Chart  Load foundational data, including: Districts and Sites Site Staff Ensure student accounts are active Build the following templates before attempting to place students or send binders: Placement template Binder Template Place student(s) using the relevant placement template Send binders to students. Binders must be aligned with a cour...

  • Field Experience Walk-through

    Welcome to Tk20’s Field Experience! By the end of this guide, you will be able to use the Field Experience portion in Tk20.  Getting Started If you are unfamiliar with the Field Experience tab in Tk20, you can begin by viewing this overview (Field Experience Overview ) to get you introduced.   Foundations Once you are familiar with Field Experience, this list of steps i...

  • Go-Live Checklist for Field Experience

    FIELD EXPERIENCE STUDENTS If you have our HigherEd product, students must have paid Tk20 accounts. NOTE: To see if student accounts are paid and active, run the report called Courses 041 for the course section of relevant students. You are able to filter by “Active” or “Inactive” students  PLACEMENT INFORMATION Verify that your Districts, Sites, and Sites Staff are up ...

  • Bulk Placement Walkthrough for Unit Administrators

    This video demonstrates the steps to use the Bulk Placement feature Video Chapters: 0:00 Introduction to bulk placements 0:23 How to view/create a bulk placement 3:39 Placement template & updating placement data 4:09 Saving & uploading the completed template file 11:37 Review and Finish 12:59 Viewing the Error file 14:34 Verifying the successfully completed placement