General Field Experience Workflow


Field Experience Flow Chart 

  1. Load foundational data, including:
    • Districts and Sites
    • Site Staff
    • Ensure student accounts are active
  2. Build the following templates before attempting to place students or send binders:
    • Placement template
    • Binder Template
  3. Place student(s) using the relevant placement template
  4. Send binders to students. Binders must be aligned with a course during the sending process.
    • If you are sending binders before the semester begins and are unsure of the students’ finalized class schedules, you may place them all in a “dummy” course for the purpose of sending a binder. 
    • After you receive finalized student schedules, you may re-associate the students’ binders and placements with the correct course. See our article called Re-associate a Field Experience Placement with a Different Course for more details regarding this process. 
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