Sharing a Curriculum Map

Curriculum Maps can be shared with external stakeholders via a web link or exporting to PDF. This allows leads to share curriculum maps with Deans, Provosts, or other faculty to facilitate discussions on the extent to which the courses that make up a degree program support the intended outcomes.


Sharing as a Web Link

Links can be posted on websites for reference or used in presentations during assessment retreats.  Leads and Administrators can generate the link by clicking on the share button. The share button can be found on the Curriculum Map card as well as within the curriculum map.



The above picture shows the Curriculum Map card with two widgets and the share button.


In addition, there are widgets on the Curriculum Map card for quick access to information. The first widget tells the ratio of courses available to the ratio to which they are mapped, and the second widget provides the number of outcomes available in the Curriculum Map.



Users can also access the share online option by clicking the Edit button on the Curriculum Map Card, which will bring up the Curriculum Map. The Share Online button will be located in the upper right corner.


When you click the share button, a modal window appears with an enable public share link toggle button.



The above picture shows the share online modal window with toggle button.


When a Lead enable the toggle button, the link of the Read only Curriculum Map appears and a copy link button can be used to copy the link and share it.



The above picture shows the toggle button enabled with a link and a copy link button beside it.


When an external user opens the curriculum map link, the view is read-only.


View of the read-only Curriculum Map.


On the read-only version, external users can drill into the alignment and see measure details.


View of the Read only Curriculum Map with the associated measure details to the right.


If any changes are made to the Curriculum map after the link has been shared with stakeholders, the Curriculum map is updated in real time.


When the toggle button is deactivated, the Curriculum map view access is revoked from the users who had access to it through the shared link. If they try to access the link, they will get an unauthorized view message.


Unauthorized view to view curriculum Map when the user tries to access the link while the toggle is off in the share online modal window.


Exporting a Curriculum Map as a PDF


Once your curriculum map has been exported to PDF, it becomes accessible offline. This feature is available from these two areas:

  1. Curriculum Map Details Card

  2. Curriculum Map Tab


Note: The curriculum map will export as a 7x7 grid. This setting is not editable.



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