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This page automatically generates a list of all the programs within the catalog, applies a link for quick access and alphabetizes them for easy browsing. The programs this page pulls to create the links, are any degree, certificate and/or minor that is set up using the corresponding template within the catalog. When a new program is added, the link will be automatically added to the Programs of Study page. If a program is removed, the page will also update automatically to remove the program link. The page alphabetizes each program by the Rename field but displays the Title field.


This page requires no editing to produce or maintain and will appear blank within the system because it contains no actual content. It is also excluded from the Word export due to the fact that there is no content to export to the document and it is a page for web use only.

This page simply has a development attached to it that is written to pull all of the Title fields of the Degree templates throughout the catalog. Since it will display the Title field as the label of the degree but actually use the Rename field to alphabetize, if you see degrees out of alphabetical order, check the Rename of the degree item and adjust the name as needed. (Please note, if you are updating the Rename field of the item, this will change the URL/path to this item and break any links to the item. If you are using the link to the item from within your website or from anywhere else, you will want to update it after updating the Rename.)

This page will automatically update to include new degrees or remove degrees that have been deleted from the catalog without the editors having to do anything.

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