Export Runtime Error and Suggest Fix Tool

When you export your catalog to a Word document, you should receive a message indicating the export was successful:

However, there may be a time you encounter a Runtime Error in the export OR a list of items that the system is telling you will be excluded because they cannot be added. 


Both these messages indicate there is a formatting error/broken link somewhere in the catalog. You can reach out to Support so they can identify where the error is occurring, but you also have the option to troubleshoot it yourself.

To locate the error, you would select each item in the content tree individually (one at a time, including the child pages, this narrows down to the item where the error resides) and click Export. The item containing the error will give you the Runtime Error message. 

Once you have identified which item contains the error, click Lock and Edit and select the “Suggest fix” option. This will indicate what errors exist in the content.

Please note: the "Suggest fix" tool is only going to notate and resolve erroneous html - html that is not correct. It will not resolve html tags that were pasted from outside content. Those are correct html tags but not compatible with the stylesheet for the catalog content display or export. To avoid having these html tags within the content, ALWAYS paste content as plain text within the editor and apply the provided paragraph tags as described in this article: Pasting Outside Content


If you are familiar with HTML, you can further inspect the content by clicking “View Errors” and then checking the HTML. Alternatively, you can simply accept the suggested changes by clicking the “Accept” button on the bottom right. This should help correct formatting errors so you can export your content. 


Remember that Support is ready to assist, so you do not need to troubleshoot these errors on your own. The Suggest Fix tool is there if you want to try it yourself first otherwise, please contact the support to have this fixed. 

Please note, that if the error is resolved for the Export button, the fixed item will need to be published in order to resolve the issue for the Export Publish button.

The Export button will export the entire catalog regardless of edits in progress etc. while the Export Publish button only exports what has been approved/published.

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