Catalog Web Template Header/Footer Updates

Every catalog has a website template that is hosted by Curriculum Strategy, but mimics the institutions website headers/footers.

If there is a change needed to the style or a complete redesign that needs to be done, we encourage you to reach out to support to make this request. Once this request is made through support, we submit it to our development team who completes these updates to the catalog website. We keep you informed of the status of these requests as well as follow up with you once it has been completed in our predeploy environment so you can review prior to the new template going live.

If you have minor changes, new links, updating links, etc. that you need to perform to update and maintain the catalog website, you now have the ability to make these changes directly. It is recommended that a member of your IT team or your webmaster make these changes as knowledge of HTML is a requirement. The user will also need to have access to the catalog system as an admin. To set up a new user profile for this person, you can see the instructions here.

These new fields are located and accessible on the institution item once you click Lock/Edit on this item in the content tree.

Lock/Edit Institution

This item is only accessible to users with admin access for editing and does not go through a workflow. Once changes are made/saved, they can be published without further approval (Always publish the Institution item without including subitems). The location of these fields is highlighted below:

Header/Footer fields

It is recommended to copy all the text within one of the fields and paste it into Notepad++ so you can manipulate the content, then copy and paste it back into the field once it is changed.

Once you have made all changes as needed, publish the institution item without including subitems/related items (whenever publishing the institution item, it is very important to make sure "Publish subitems" is unchecked), as seen below (disregard "Publish related items" this is no longer relevant):

Publish without

Once published, the changes should be displayed on your live catalog site. 

Please reach out to if there are further questions or any issues.

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