Adding a Static LTI 1.3 Link in Brightspace

If your institution requires the use of LTI 1.3 tools we now offer a LTI 1.3 SSO solution that provides a static link from your LMS to Course Evaluations & Surveys.

If your institution is successfully leveraging the current User Integration functionality, ie. dynamic links in your LMS and Survey Notifications, we recommend waiting, if possible, until we have LTI 1.3 functionality in our LMS User Integrations, which we expect to release over the coming months.


Register LTI 1.3 Tool in Brightspace

  1. Login to your Brightspace instance as a user with admin privileges

  2. Click on the Settings icon and choose Manage Extensibility

  3. Choose LTI Advantage tab and click Register Tool

  4. Choose Standard option for registering your tool

  5. Enter the following information in the Register a Tool form:

    • Name: CES

    • Description: CES

    • Domain: your CES URL (i.e.

    • Redirect URLs: your CES URL followed by /login/lti/callback (i.e.

    • OpenId Connect Login URL: your CES URL followed by /login/lti/init (i.e.

    • Target Link URI: your CES URL followed by /login/lti/callback (i.e.

    • Keyset URL: your institution's Brightspace URL, followed by /d2l/.well-known/jwks (i.e.

    • Under Extensions, only choose Deep Linking

    • Click Register

    • Click Done, you will be redirected back to the list of registered LTI Advantage tools

Deploy Newly Registered Tool in Brightspace

Next, create a Deployment for the new tool that was just created, either from the Creation screen or the Edit Tool screen

  1. Click the New Deployment button

  2. Choose the LTI 1.3 Tool Registration that was created in the previous step in the Tool dropdown

  3. Choose a Name for your deployment

  4. Select only the Deep Linking option from the list of Extensions

  5. Ensure the following settings are selected/configured:

    • Org Unit Information

    • User Information

      • Name

      • Email

      • User Id

      • Username

      • Org Defined ID

    • Link Information

      • Title

      • Description

  6. Ensure the your Deployment is shared with the correct Org Units and their appropriate descendants.

  7. Click the Create Deployment button

  8. Brightspace will now display a unique Deployment ID. Copy this value so it can be entered into CES in the following step. Note: This value can also be accessed by clicking on the new Deployment in the View Deployments screen.

  9. Click View Links in D2L. A new tab will open.

  10. Click New Link

  11. Enter a Name for the link (this is the name that will be used to add the link in the Navigation bar)

  12. Enter URL: (your institution's Brightspace URL, followed by login/lti/init. Or, copy this value from the Launch URL field under Account > Integrations column > LTI 1.3 screen in CES.

  13. Select Type: Basic Launch

  14. Click Save & Close

  15. Return to your other D2L tab and click Done

Configure LTI 1.3 Settings in CES

  1. Log into CES as the CES Administrator

  2. Navigate to Account > LTI 1.3

  3. Issuer: Enter value from Issuer field in Brightspace

  4. Client ID: Enter the Client ID from Brightspace

  5. Deployment ID: Enter the Deployment ID from from previous step

  6. Public Keyset URL: Enter the value from the Brightspace Keyset URL field

  7. Authentication Request URL: Enter the value from the OpenID Connect Authentication Endpoint field in Brightspace

  8. Target Link URL: Autofilled

  9. Public JWK URL: Autofilled

  10. Launch URL: Autofilled

  11. Click Save

In Brightspace, go to Admin Tools > Navigation & Themes > Custom Links Tab > Create Link

  1. Insert the following information for the corresponding fields:

    • Name: My Surveys LTI 1.3 Custom Link

    • Url: Click Insert Quicklink

    • Course Material List Survey Notification: Select External Learning Tools

    • Select: Select My Surveys LTI Link

    • Behavior: New window/tab

    • Width: 1000

    • Height: 700

    • Browse Attributes: Check All

  2. Go to Admin Tools > Navigation & Themes > Navbar > Select Desired Navigation Bar. Insert the following information for the corresponding fields:

    • Click Add Links

    • Select My Surveys LTI 1.3 Custom Link from the list

    • Click Add, Click Save and Close

Remove Existing Settings

  1. CES Administrators will see a “Delete Settings” button in the lower portion of the LTI 1.3 settings screen once settings have been added and saved.

  2. To remove the existing settings, the CES Administrator can click the “Delete Settings” button and then click OK in the confirmation box.


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