Curriculum Management Form Relink Tool

Before a user can run this tool, they will need the domain\admin forms relink role. Please request this role through support.

  1. Select the Forms folder from the Curriculum Management System section: 6a1de52c-c844-4b5f-95cd-f0f20f0b174b.png
  2. In the ribbon, you will see the Relink Forms option become available. 8f582e6a-7c7e-4ad5-8539-ac277d9a96f8.png
  3. The tool will open in a new tab. From the dropdown, update the year options and select Go: 6f92df9d-1e25-4451-a84d-ed93c75da9da.png
  4. If the process runs successfully, the results will be displayed at the bottom of the tool. Warnings will also display, indicating a field that could not be updated using the tool. Please review any warnings and email support if needed.


Additional Notes: 

  • You can confirm that the update happened by checking the corresponding fields on your form.
  • If you feel an error has occurred, or if you would prefer a Curriculum Strategy team member run the tool, please reach out to - we have additional troubleshooting tools that can resolve issues

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