Proposals Not Approving at Final Workflow State

Occasionally, you will attempt to approve a proposal for the final workflow state and it appears to function as expected except the proposal remains in the final state without actually approving.

When you scroll down the proposal, specific courses will be outlined in red, whether they are a course requirement (program form) or requisites (course form):


There are three different issues that could be happening:

Issue 1:

A course that is linked to the proposal has been replaced within the catalog since the proposal was initially submitted.

When a program or a course is selected to populate a proposal, the information is pulled from the catalog at that moment. All courses in the catalog have a unique identifying number. When a course is replaced with an updated course item from Curriculum Management the identifying number changes because both versions of the course are treated as individual items within the catalog. 

These need to be updated in order for the proposal to be approved because the version of the course that existed when the proposal was first initiated is no longer existing and has been replaced by an updated version.

To update these, you simply need to add the course from the Add Course buttons again, and remove the course outlined in red. Once you save, you can approve the proposal and it will be properly linked.

This is in place to avoid approving proposals that turn into catalog items with broken links within them.

Issue 2:

The course has been deleted from the catalog since the proposal was initially submitted.

If this is the case, the outlined course can simply be removed using the remove buttons on the proposal before it's saved/approved again.

Issue 3:

The course is a new proposed course that is still currently in the CM workflow and has not been approved yet. 

If this is the issue, the proposed courses will need to be approved before the affected proposal can be approved.

This is in place to ensure the course links are made to the course items created from the approved proposal and not to the proposal itself.

Please note: If you are looking at multiple courses outlined in red, please keep in mind that it could be a combination of the issues mentioned above.


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