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Welcome to the Watermark Help Center, where you can find answers to common questions and how-to directions for completing tasks in any Watermark product.


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To locate content, you can browse or search.

To browse:

From the homepage, select a Watermark product.


And then select the topic or sub-topic to see articles related to that topic.

In the example below, Getting Started is a section of Faculty Success, and Faculty/ Staff Guides is a section of Getting Started (aka sub-section). Clicking on a section or a sub-section will take you to a list of article related to that topic.







Articles contain screenshots and links to other Help Center articles.

You can go back to the Watermark product's main page or to a specific section by using the breadcrumbs trail at the top of each article.




To Search:

The homepage search field at support.watermarkinsights.com is a global search, meaning it will search a term across all Watermark products.




To filter these results, on the Search results page, click the product name in the By Category list on the left hand side.  When you click a product name, the right side will only show results within that product category.




When you are searching from a product's landing page, all search results will default to that product category.


Asking for Help:

If you need to contact the Watermark Support Team, see the many options here:   

Contacting Watermark Customer Support.


Viewing Your Support Ticket History:

See Your Support Ticket History: The Watermark Customer Portal


Interacting with others:

The Watermark Community will be coming in June of 2024!


Submitting an idea:

The Watermark Ideas Portal is where you can submit your ideas directly to our Product Team. 

See more here: The Watermark Ideas Portal


Getting training or consultation:

Visit the Watermark Academy for training or consultation with a product expert, certification courses, free onboarding videos

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