Course Evaluations & Surveys

Incorporate Measures Results Directly from Course Evaluations & Surveys
Institution Administrators have the option to incorporate course evaluations & surveys results directly from Course Evaluation & Surveys into measure results in Watermark.

Students’ feedback on their learning experiences is an essential source of insight to consider as you assess the effectiveness of your academic offerings. Our Course Evaluations and Surveys product is a great way to capture those perceptions, and Planning & Self-Study provides the space to bring together this information, along with your direct measures of student learning. Integrating the two eases your data management burden and surfaces all your evidence in one place so you can reflect, plan, and take action to drive progress. With this new integration, administrators will no longer need to pull reports from one system into a PDF and then upload it into their results section. In addition, they will not need to open a document from an assessment plan in order to view the results in a separate screen. All of the information can be pulled quickly into the results section of the plan, and can be viewed on the same screen.


As of April 2022, this integration supports the following use cases:

  • General Survey data as indirect measures of student learning

  • General Survey data as indirect measures of success/non-academic outcomes

  • Course Evaluation survey data as indirect measures of student learning outcomes, filterable by course


If you decide to activate this integration, only top-level administrators will be able to bring in survey results from Course Evaluations and Surveys. This is because the integration provides access to all the data across all departments and organizations within the institution. 


You can bring in data from any main survey questions for both course evaluations and general surveys.  The integration does not currently support “target” or “custom” questions.


This integration can only be set up by our Watermark Support teams. Please reach out to support or your product consultant if you’re interested in having this integration enabled for your institution.  


To have this turned on, click the Submit A Request button located at the top or bottom of any page in the help center. 


Once the integration has been completed, follow the steps below to use the integration.


Align Rubric Results from Course Evaluations & Surveys

Once the integration is activated, only institution-level administrators can pull results from Course Evaluations & Surveys into measures in Planning & Self-Study from their own accounts. To do this, admins will follow these steps:


  1. Either create a new measure or add results to an existing one.

a. Create a new measure and select “Align Results”


Aligning rubric results from another system to a new measure.
b. “Add Results” to an existing measure and then select “I want to align results from another system.”
Aligning rubric results from another system to an existing measure
2. Select Watermark Course Evaluations & General Surveys as the source from the drop-down to pull measure results. 
Source options for aligning results from another system.
3. Select the project for which relevant results should be pulled. Upon selecting the project, users will be able to view its questions (Single Selection, Matrix, Linked, Numeric). By checking the boxes, users can select the questions they would like to pull results for.
Select project and its questions
4. We have provided Admins with the ability to filter the CES integration data by course or a set of courses. This means the integration now supports program or course-outcome level assessment. Before, users had to bring in all of the data for the selected questions of the survey. With the introduction of this feature, users can filter course evaluations. There is no maximum number of courses they can choose within a survey. The tools also continue to support institution-level learning outcomes assessment by allowing admins to not filter by courses. 
NOTE: This feature is applicable only for Course Evaluation projects.

View of the ‘Filter by Course’ screen where users will be presented with filtering options. They can either filter the results by a particular course OR get the results for all courses.
View of the filter by course screen where the user has the ability to search & select the courses.
View of the filter results by course screen when the user is trying to navigate to get results for all courses after selecting a few courses.
If a user switches between the filter options, the system will notify that all existing course selections will be discarded and that the user will have to make new selections. 
View of the results card showing the count of courses. 
The results card has been updated to accommodate the course information so that the user will get to know how many courses have been selected. 
5. A user can define a met threshold for all the selected questions once questions have been selected. Clicking on the “ALIGN” button will generate the graphs on the basis of the selected options.
Define the met threshold
6. Users can concurrently navigate to different parts of the tool and add additional results to other measures that require Course Evaluations & Surveys data. The user will get a status update notification via email that the results are available for them to view.
View of the Results card when the user is waiting for the results. They can navigate and do other work.
If the user clicks Refresh Results, the message they see.
The email which the users receives each time the results are available to view
If for some reason the system runs into an issue where it’s unable to gather the results, the following message will be displayed:
7. After aligning, filtered results from CES will be displayed on the result card in the measure. When there are no responses available for the selected question, "No results found for this question” message will be displayed.
Matrix Question with expanded link.
There will be a hierarchical display of graphs for matrix questions.
Graphs generated for Matrix Questions
8. Contributors and administrators at the lower levels of the hierarchy will be limited to viewing and refreshing the results in the measures. 
View and refresh results for contributors and administrators at a lower level.
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