Organization Management Overview

Tools for Organization Management 

The Organization Management tool enables administrators to:
  • Assign Leads to Organizations
  • Add and Import Outcomes across Organizations
  • Manage the Hierarchy
  • Access Organization Assessment and Planning Profiles
  • Download Course Enrollment data in CSV format

Organization Management Homepage

When you log in to your Planning & Self-Study Administrator account, you will see Organization Management in the side menu on the homepage. Once you are on the Organization Management page, you can choose different approaches to viewing the organizations, including sorting by type, organization with or without outcomes, and arranged hierarchically or alphabetically.
From the Organization Management Homepage, you can add and remove Leads to an individual Organization by clicking the Assign Leads link to the right of its name (if that Organization already has Leads, the link is the list of names). Leads are users who are designated as responsible for assessment and planning data entry for an Organization, an Organization can have multiple Leads, and one user can be a Lead for multiple Organizations.

Import Outcomes

As an Administrator, you can add Outcomes to individual Organizations by clicking the Outcomes link to the right of each Organization, and you can also upload Outcomes for all Organizations by clicking the Import Outcomes button in the upper right-hand corner of the Organization Management page.
On the following page, click the Download Template button to download a CSV spreadsheet with the format you need to follow to import your Outcomes. The information on this page provides guidance on the formatting requirements of the data columns within the CSV file. After completing the file, you can upload it by clicking the Upload CSV button.

Organization Homepages

By clicking on the name of an individual Organization, you can access that Organization’s assessment and planning profile. The initial page you see is a dashboard page, showing the current status of any in-progress projects involving that organization. From here, you can also access the Program Information page, where the Mission Statement, Outcomes and the Curriculum Map (if the Organization is a Program) for that Organization are managed. Additionally, there are tabs where all the Actions created for that Organization can be accessed, and a Docs & Reports page where relevant documents for the organization can be stored.

Assessment Planning

Download Course Enrollment data in CSV format

Administrators and Leads can now download the curriculum and enrollment data in a CSV format report for any organization in the hierarchy. CVS report will contain the course & organization information along with the sections & enrollment count of instructors and students.
To download the CSV report for a particular organization, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Organization Management from the Home tab. Click on an organization from the hierarchy for which you would like to download the report and then click on the ‘Curriculum’ tab and now click on the ‘Download CSV’ in order to download the report.



2. On the successful download of the CSV report, a snackbar with a success message will appear on  the screen and the report will get saved into the system.



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