Catalog Rollover

If you have Shared Content within the Calendar Year between one or more catalogs, you must reach out to support to request your rollover.

When you have completed and published a current catalog and you are ready to begin editing the catalog for next semester, next year or even to create an addendum, you can use the "Rollover Catalog" tool in the Home tab of the Content Editor.

**Please Note: If you have Curriculum or Syllabus Management, you can also use the Relink Tool to update the forms to link to the new catalog when you are ready for the forms to pull the new catalog information. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support Team by clicking Submit A Request from our Help Center.

Follow the steps below to complete the process of creating a new draft catalog:

Select the Catalog you wish to roll over.

Choose Catalog

In the ribbon, you will see the click the Rollover Catalog button to initiate the Prepare process.

Rollover Button

Before creating a new catalog, select the Prepare button which will unlock all of the catalog items and list all of the catalog items that need to be cleared from workflow (either approved or removed.)

Prepare function

All catalog items will become unlocked, and any items in workflow will be listed. These items need to be reviewed (which can be done from the link in the list) and approved or removed from workflow.

Prepping for Rollover

As you move items through workflow, you can continue to select the Prepare button to update the list of items remaining in workflow.

Once there are no more items in workflow, you will have the option to create the new catalog.

Enter New Name

Select the Year which the new Catalog should live under, if it already exists within the Content Tree. If a new Calendar Year needs to be created, select the "Create a new Year item" option from the drop down and then enter the name of the new Year item. (Ex: 2023-2024)

Then enter the name of the new Catalog. (Ex: Graduate Catalog, Undergraduate Catalog, Catalog). Please keep in mind to keep this naming consistent with the previous year catalog. Also, the year does not need to be included in this name as the year has already been addressed in the Year item.

Run the tool. Creating a new catalog may take a while, but you can continue to work in the system while the new catalog is generating.


A message confirming the new catalog has been created will appear once the tool is done running.

Rollover Complete

Additional Notes: 

  • Shared Catalogs (these catalogs house clone content) should still be rolled over by support as there are additional steps in the process.
  • Errors can occur when creating a new catalog. No need to worry if that happens, please reach out to our Support Team (Submit A Request) - we have additional troubleshooting tools that should resolve any issues
  • Preparing a catalog to be rolled over does not affect the catalog content - feel free to run the prepare option to generate a report of items in workflow as often as needed
  • When the new catalog is newly created, users with catalog permissions will not by default have access to it until the Access Current Year is updated to include it. 
  • If you also have Curriculum or Syllabus Management, the forms need to be relinked to the new catalog in order to pull that new content. We recommend the Curriculum Forms to be linked to the new catalog draft as soon as you are ready, the SM Forms may be relinked at a later time as they may need more current information to be pulled. You can use the Relink Forms tool to relink your forms when you are ready.

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