New Unit Administrator Training

We are glad to have you onboard and exploring Tk20! This page is dedicated to helping navigate the resources available to you.

As a new Administrator, you can get more acquainted with Tk20 with the free resources below:

1. Tk20 New Admin Training Path: This training on the Watermark Academy is designed to support new administrators at institutions with Tk20 already in use. This course will provide an introduction to the system and a training review of commonly used components of the system

2. More Resources

Overview of Tk20 and Product

Basic Navigation I Training

  1. Basic Navigation I Privileges & Roles
  2. Basic Navigation I Login Configuration
  3. Basic Navigation I Appearance

Basic Navigation II Training

  1. Basic Navigation II Standards
  2. Tk20 - Basic Navigation II Reports
  3. Basic Navigation II Document Room
  4. Basic Navigation II User Groups
  5. Basic Navigation II News Items

Thank you for investing time in enhancing your Administrator skills. We hope that this training has adequately prepared you for success in your role as an Administrator.

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