Overview of Tk20

Overview of Tk20 and Product

Who we are:

Tk20 is an industry-leading provider of assessment and accreditation solutions for colleges and universities around the world. Our educational software delivers a comprehensive set of tools, including a sophisticated reporting system that helps schools identify areas needing improvement and provides documentation for accreditation. We provide our software to customers in two options, depending on the need. The two options are HigherEd and CampusWide.


The HigherEd option is typically used by departments/units (e.g., education, counseling, business, social work, etc.) with an emphasis on diving deeper into assessment and data collection at the unit level.


The CampusWide option is typically used by the entire campus, including non-academic units, with an emphasis on tracking assessment plans and implementation at a high level and across units. Within the CampusWide product, there are different packages available depending on the needs/interests of the client. The CampusWide Comprehensive package offers access to all functionality areas in Tk20.

Tk20 Functionality Areas:


The home screen is displayed automatically when you first log in to the Tk20 system. In this module, you can send and receive messages and tasks, view news posted by system administrators, create simple user groups, view the college’s conceptual framework, and participate in discussion threads. In addition, as students you can view your transition points from the home screen.


Through the Applications tab, students can create and manage applications requested by faculty and staff at your institution. Selected users may also be granted the ability to review and manage submissions.


The Courses tab contains course-specific information for students and faculty. Students have the ability to complete assignments, projects, quizzes, exams, and course binders, while faculty can create templates for these items and assign them to students. Faculty can post syllabi and other important course information, which students can view.


Through the Artifacts tab, you can create, upload, and manage artifacts. Artifacts are created primarily to document the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of students. It may be used to submit assignments, projects, course binders, and portfolios. Computer files of any type can be attached to artifacts. Tk20 comes pre-configured with artifacts designed specifically for your college.


You can create and build portfolios that are typically assessed at the gateway or transition points. Portfolios are structured with tabs into which students insert their artifacts. Artifacts can be aligned with standards and have reflections attached to them by the student. When portfolios are submitted for assessment, they are routed to pre-defined assessors by the system.

Field Experience

The Field Experience tab allows the institution to collect evidence and assessment data from students in a field experience situation. Data is collected in an electronic binder that is sent to the student and each of the assessors.

Document Room

The Document Room tab gives you the ability to collect all the institutional documents in one location. In this section, users with appropriate privileges can create hierarchical folders, upload documents, and view them as needed.


The Planning tab is the center of all institutional planning efforts and facilitates the creation of missions, goals, outcomes, and objectives for individual organizations at an institution. This functionality also allows for the creation of juried assessments, curriculum maps, SWOT analyses, budget administration, and other strategic and assessment planning-related activities.


You can view reports by clicking on the Reports tab based on all data aggregated within the system. Only users with privileges can view the reports. Tk20 has an advanced reporting system that allows you to view data in Microsoft Excel. With Excel, you can manipulate the report data to suit your needs. For example, you can create visually effective graphs and charts and export it to applications such as SPSS.

Course Evaluations

The Course Evaluations tab provides the ability to send course evaluations survey that can be used to gather information about a course or multiple courses, faculty, etc. Using this functionality administrators and instructors can receive instant access to high-stakes data on the results.


The Surveys tab allows users to generate surveys and send them to students, faculty members, cooperating teachers, graduates, and other individuals within or outside the Tk20 System. These can also be used as a tool to gather information which can further be used to evaluate the instructors of various courses. Surveys are configurable and can include sophisticated formats and groups. Up-to-the-minute, pre-built reports are available on the results of the surveys.


The Advisement tab assists in the advisement of students on which courses to take based on their degree plan. Advisors can view the courses that the students have already taken, as well as the student’s assessments at the course and program levels. Advisors have detailed information available on their student’s academic achievements and performance to enable them to make appropriate decisions.

Course Registration

The Course Registration tab allows administrators to manage courses, terms, instructors assigned to courses, as well as the students enrolled in them.

Faculty Qualifications

The Faculty Qualifications tab enables institutions to capture educational credentials, courses taught, research and presentations in the field of study, and service to the institution and the community in one central location. Reports can be generated to demonstrate compliance with faculty-related accreditation standards and for promotion/tenure review.

Accreditation Management

The Accreditation Management tab enables you to collaboratively create a polished accreditation report in a centralized, online location. In Accreditation Management, you can write narratives to address standards as well as collect, store, and link evidence and supporting documents to demonstrate compliance with accreditation standards. Your final report can even be shared externally.


The Administration tab is provided for system administrators for user management, security, and the configuration of Tk20. The items available in this section are:  Majors  Programs  Conceptual Framework Configuration  News  Form Builder  DBE Builder  Users  Login Configuration  Report Builder  Report Management  User Group Builder  Data Form Uploads  Standards  Transition Point Templates  Security  Automated Scheduling
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