Training Topics for the New or Transitioning Unit Administrator

Current Data collection in Tk20

What functionalities are you using? Why are you using Tk20?

Who is using Tk20? Which programs/departments/key stakeholders?

Specific Functionality training

  • Recap which functionalities you use, when and how often, and for whom (which classes/professors). Specifically, provide a list of the names of the assignments, binders, etc. with the schedule for when they are sent out and to what class or user group.
  • Provide click path training for necessary functionalities (i.e., updating forms in a template, sending out assignments, monitoring, etc.)
  • Train on how you organize your template libraries (i.e., for portfolios, field experience, etc.), how you use public vs. private settings, and what other specific settings you historically use (e.g., allow assessment at any stage, access to assessments, etc.)

Reports (monitoring reports, end-of-semester reports, etc. that you rely on / run regularly, faculty reports, and dashboard)

Student account purchasing process (HigherEd contracts only)

When and how do students purchase?
Process for bulk activations

Data Loads

What SIS files do you load? Current Schedule/ frequency of data loads?

Location of SIS files
How to request a data load
Key stakeholders – IT Contacts

Logging into Tk20

How will users login into Tk20
Is Remote authentication set up? If so, how are passwords reset?

Basic navigation

Side menu items, ability to change roles / how to add new roles for users, pending tasks, messages, do not use multiple tabs or login in different browsers, do not use back-button; use navigation buttons in Tk20, security privileges, logging in as other users, accessing user profiles, creating accounts, etc.

Form Builder

Share any unique information about how your forms are built and named, for example, do you use a conventional language for form names, standards that are aligned, etc?

Support resources within your organization

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