EdTPA Submissions

Beginning an edTPA Activity

Beginning an edTPA activity is identical to beginning any other activity

To begin an edTPA activity:

     1. From your In Progress tab, click the title of the course containing the edTPA activity

     NOTE: You can also click directly on the activity if it's listed at the bottom of the course.


     2. From the course details page, click on the edTPA activity to begin the activity.


Completing an edTPA Activity

An edTPA activity comes pre-made with a place to upload each file required by edTPA for your Content Area. At the top of your activity template, you can click the here link to download Content Area specific resources, such as the handbook, commentary, and errata.


To add files an edTPA activity template:

     1. Locate the Task and Part to which you want to attach a file.
     2. Click the SELECT FILE button corresponding to appropriate the Task and Part.


     NOTE: The activity template lists the minimum and maximum number of files for each Task and Part, based on your Content Area.

     3. From the Upload popup window, click the ADD FILE button.
     4. Browse and locate your appropriate file.


     5. If necessary, repeat steps 3 and 4 for each file that you want to upload to the specific Task and Part.
     6. Once you've added the appropriate file[s], click the INSERT button.


     7. The file will appear in the activity template.
     8. Repeat steps 1-7 for each Task and Part.

     NOTE: At any point, you can click the SAVE button to save your progress and return to your activity at a later time.

     NOTE: If you make a mistake, you can remove an attached file. Hover over the file to be delete, and click the Trashcan icon.


Submitting an edTPA Activity

Once you've uploaded all the required files, you're ready to send your files to edTPA/Pearson.



To send your files to edTPA/Pearson:

     1. Click the SEND TO EDTPA button.
     2. The Send to edTPA popup window appears.
     3. Read the Terms of Service, and click the checkbox to accept them.
     4. Enter the Authorization Key provided to you by edTPA.
     5. When your complete finished, click the Send To edTPA button to send your files to edTPA/Pearson.


Finishing Up

CONGRATULATIONS! You've submitted your files to edTPA/Pearson. You're almost finished! Student Learning and Licensure will send your files to edTPA/Pearson. You can track the progress of sending your files by clicking the Track my edTPA Transfer button at the top of your activity.

Final Step

You still MUST log in to your edTPA.com account, verify your files, and officially submit them for evaluation.

Fixing Errors

If you discover you've made a mistake, such as sending the wrong file, or aligning a file with the wrong Task and Part, you can fix it within the activity.

IMPORTANT: You can only make changes to your sent files if you have NOT yet officially submitted on the edTPA website! Once you submit on edTPA.com, your submission is FINAL.

To change the files you've sent to edTPA:

     1. Navigate to your edTPA activity, and open it.
     2. Click the Revise button.
     3. Click the activity to go back into the activity.
     4. Make any necessary changes.
     5. Send the files again, using the same process as the first time.

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