Submitting Time Log Entries

First, access your Student Learning & Licensure (SL&L) account.

Progress Tab

After logging in to SL&L, the Progress tab will be shown. The Progress tab will list all of your active courses. Logs are available for each internship you are enrolled in.


Click on an internship course that is labeled Internship or click on the Time Logs button that is at the far right of any Internship course.  Clicking on Log will display your previously submitted log hours.  The Log Entry page allows you to submit new log hours, or edit hours that have not been approved or rejected.  If a log entry has been approved or rejected, you can also see who approved the hours. The Log Entry page also provides access to the course homepage, activities, and your placement details 

Create Log Entry
On the Log page, selecting the NEW LOG ENTRY button tab allows you to create a new log of hours for approval. 

You can enter the date on which you performed those hours, the number of hours and minutes spent, the category in which the time falls, a description of how you spent the hours, and attach a file (optional) 


*NOTE: If there are no Categories to select, please contact the Student Learning & Licensure administrator at your institution



If you have additional logs to enter for the same date, click CREATE LOG ENTRY again. When you are finished adding logs for the selected date, click SUBMIT. Each log entry you have submitted can be approved/rejected by your mentor or supervisor.


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