Instructor Assessment Reporting

Instructors can run a report from within an activity.  This report will show all assessments that have been completed within the activity, and will show rubric scoring by individual assessee, or by aggregated scores.

To run an activity assessment report:

     1. Log in as an instructor
     2. Navigate to the activity details page of the assessed activity.
     3. Click the Assessment Results icon.

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Per Student Report

The Per Student Report lists all students that have been assessed in the activity, all rubrics and rubric elements that have been completed in the activity, and displays the rubric performance level that each student scored for each rubric element.

TIP: To view a student’s assessed submission, click on a student’s name.

rtaImage (7).png

Aggregated Result Report

The Aggregated Results report lists all rubrics and rubric elements that have been completed in the activity, displays the number of times each performance level was scored for each rubric element, and calculates the mean score and standard deviation for each rubric element.

The top half of the report displays scores using colored bars, with each color representing a performance level.  The bottom half of the report displays the same scoring information, but in a table format.

rtaImage (8).png

TIP:  Clicking on a number will display a list of the students that were assessed at that performance level, the student’s assessor, and the time stamp of the assessment.  From this list, clicking on a specific assessment will open the student’s assessed submission.

rtaImage (9).png

Exporting the Assessment Results

Assessment Results can be exported for archiving, sharing with others, etc.  A report can be exported as either a PDF or a CSV file.  To export a report, click either the Export to CSV or Export to PDF button.

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