Profile Settings: Changing Your Name, Password, Email Address, or Set an Avatar

From the profile settings page, you can add your profile picture (avatar), change your password and update your default language.

To change your user profile settings:

  1. Access Student Learning & Licensure
  2. In the panel on the left side of the page, click Profile
  3. To set an avatar, click the Set Avatar button to browse the system for the desired picture.
  4. To change the account password, click the Change Password button next to Password.
Please note: This password cannot be used to access your account if your institution has enabled an SSO (single sign on) that uses your institutional credentials. If you need to update your institutional credentials, you would need to contact the IT department at your institution.
  1. To change the default Language displayed in your account, click the Change button next to Language.

Some information in your profile cannot be updated by you. The name, email address, gender, role, major, race/ethnicity, class, academic program, test scores associated with your account are all managed by your institution.

If you need to update any of these items, please contact the Student Learning & Licensure Administrator at your institution. 

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