How to Activate Your Student Account


The creation of student accounts is done by a school or institution's Administrator through import into Student Learning & Licensure.  Once the account has been created, it must still be activated.  

There are 3 ways a student account can be activated:

  1. By a credit card purchase
  2. By entering a key code
  3. By your institution

Contact your school if you are not sure which method you should use to activate your account.

Note: If you have an active membership on you do not need to pay for Student Learning & Licensure. If you have an active LiveText account but you are prompted to pay when you log into, contact our Support Team by clicking Submit A Request.


To activate your account with a credit card purchase:

1. Visit and log in with your school email address and the password provided by your school. If you do not have a password, then use the Forgot Password Link.

How do I reset my Student Learning & Licensure password?

2. Review the Terms of Service.
3. After you agree to the terms, select the pay with a credit or debit card option.
4. Complete the payment form.

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 5.21.21 PM.png

5. Click on the continue button to check out.


To activate your account with a key code:

1. Visit and login with your institution provided credentials.

2. Review terms of service.
3. After you agree to the terms, select the enter key code option.
4. Enter the 16 digit key code and click Enter

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 5.22.55 PM.png

5. Once you have successfully completed your account activation, you will immediately be able to log into your account.


For information about account refunds, see this article: Student Learning & Licensure Account Refunds

If you need to reset your password, see this article: How do I reset my Student Learning & Licensure password?



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