Contacting Support for Curriculum Management Revision Requests

Watermark offers three levels of support for revisions to Curriculum Management:

  • Self-service: Changes that administrators can make within their own systems
  • World-class support: Minor changes and standard yearly maintenance included for all institutions
  • Paid professional services: Major changes and those typically requiring developer work may require purchase of a Curriculum Strategy Form/Workflow Updates project.

Self-service options

Self-service revisions that can be made by the administrator are outlined here: 

Watermark must complete other changes to ensure that any proposals that have already been created remain intact and uncorrupted with the removal or addition of a field, for example.

Support vs. Paid Professional Services

For other changes, please note that if you have completed implementation, there may be an additional fee to modify your forms and workflow. This depends on the scope of the request and can be discussed with your Client Success Manager. See the below chart with additional information to assist with determining whether to request assistance by Support, or purchase Curriculum Management Form/Workflow Updates from our Academy. 

Post-Implementation Curriculum Management System Updates

Included in world-class support and/or self-service options

  • Simple form revisions, such as changes to form option lists (e.g., dropdown values) or adding/removing a field without any workflow impact
  • Relinking CM forms to new catalog(s)
  • Basic dashboard updates (year filters, labels)
  • Changes to organizational based access permissions that do not change the workflow (i.e., new subject codes or departments in a standard set-up)
  • Curriculum Form Field Updates (Relabeling of forms or fields, reordering of forms or fields, or revision of help text - including on protected fields)
  • Minor updates, such as scheduled day(s), of standard email notifications
  • Changes that require less than .5 developer hours may be completed as part of a support request per developer approval

Paid professional services

  • Changes to forms that impact the workflow, such as option lists that act as workflow triggers
  • Changes to forms that require more than .5 developer hours
  • Changes to the workflow including
    • Addition or removal of stages
    • Addition, removal or changes to triggers or branches based on form selection
    • Addition, removal or changes to buttons or routing options for existing stages
  • Creation of new forms and workflows after implementation
  • Custom email notifications beyond standard originator and approver emails
  • New or updated dashboard customizations (new filters, add/remove dashboards)

Submitting Updates

  • If you have changes that need to be completed by Support, please Submit a Request
  • When presenting a revision request to support, depending on what is being requested, please include form titles, location of existing field, location of new field, field labels, what type of field, required fields, workflow titles, what to remove/remain, usernames, emails, etc.
  • The recommended way to present form revisions is to mark up the existing form on an outside document with the changes that are being requested.
  • When presenting a workflow revision, a diagram of the existing workflow with changes highlighted is also recommended.
  • Please note, not all revisions can be completed due to specific triggers throughout the form/workflow that need to remain. We will provide any explanations of revisions not completed, as well as reach out with questions if we need more information for a specific request.
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