About Survey Management

Accessed from the TS Coordinator main menu, Survey Management tools enable TS Coordinators to create and edit forms and surveys, manage and launch surveys and generate reports on the resulting data.

To learn how to create survey forms, and how to use forms and surveys in DRF Templates,See "About the Form & Survey Builder".

Once created, surveys can be distributed via the Launch & Manage Surveys tool. Use this tool to send personalized survey invitations to Taskstream subscribers, as well as to individuals who do not have Taskstream accounts (if you purchase the external survey capability), and/or to generate a public URL that can be used to share the survey.

 Forms and surveys can also be distributed in a DRF Program. In a DRF Template, the form or survey can be used as a submission requirement or as a custom evaluation method. Responses gathered in this way appear in Folio Assessment reports, alongside results of other DRF folio submissions.

A standalone survey (i.e., one that is not part of a DRF Template) can be distributed in two ways:

Email distribution: The Launch & Manage Surveys tool is used to build a list of specific recipients and send an email that invites their response. Each email contains a unique link to the survey, which is personalized for a specific email recipient.

By building the distribution list, you control who can respond to the survey.
The user id potentially enables the survey respondent to be identified.
Each invited recipient can only respond to this survey once.

Each survey launch distributes a survey to up to 5000 email recipients. However, you can send the same survey to more than 5000 email recipients by the execution of multiple launches.

Share Survey Link: A public survey URL is generated by the Launch & Manage Surveys tool. You can share this survey URL by embedding it in a public or private website, electronic document or email.

Any individual with access to the URL can potentially respond to the survey.
Survey respondents cannot be identified, other than voluntarily (via demographic fields you may decide to include in the survey form).
Individuals can potentially respond multiple times to any single survey.

Results from the survey are displayed in Survey Reports.  

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