Custom Evaluation Form

A Custom Evaluation Form enables you to evaluate an area of a DRF against criteria defined in an evaluation form designed by you or someone from your organization. Forms are a flexible medium, enabling assessment criteria to be presented in a variety of ways including ratings scales, multiple selection checkboxes, and single response radio buttons. By including questions to be answered by free-form text of varying length, you can extend the scope of evaluation to provide focused commentary and/or author comments.

When you select Custom Evaluation Form as your evaluation method, you can either  create a new form or use an existing form. Regardless of the form you choose, you must also select a method for Evaluators to assign an overall final score for the related requirement.

Click Go to Form Builder. This will cause you to exit the Template Builder and navigate to the FormBuilder tool. After you create and save a new form, you need to manually return to your DRF Template. When you select "Custom Form" as the evaluation method for a requirement, this new form appears in the pull-down list described in Step 1, below.

To customize a form evaluation for this DRF area

Select a form from a pull-down list of existing forms. You can select a form that you have created, or one that was created by another member of your learning community.

(Optional) Click Preview to view the form in a pop-up window and confirm that it is appropriate for this DR area.

Option(s) will not appear if there is not at least one custom form available for you to select from that category. If neither option appears, it is necessary for you to create a new form.

Use a radio button to Select final scoring method for this area. Choose between three basic evaluation methods: numeric score ("write in"), Pass/Fail, or Meets/Does Not Meet Requirement. If you select a write-in score, you must indicate the maximum number of points that can be given.

If you choose "numeric score", you must indicate the maximum number of points that an Evaluator can assign.

Select form visibility to determine who should have access to the completed evaluation form. You can choose to:

Include the form with the Authors' evaluation report as well as in the administrative record, 
Only make the form available for the administrative record. In this case, ONLY Managers of the Program can view the assessment form. Authors view only the final mark/score.

(Optional) Enter a note to the Evaluator. These directions are visible to the Evaluator during the evaluation process.

Note has a maximum of 8,000 characters. For example, a note can clarify how the final scoring will be performed. A character count automatically displays as you write.
To enhance the appearance of your note, use the standard HTML toolbar in this area.

(Optional) To quit without saving this form customization for this area, click Cancel.
Click Submit.

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