Taskstream Student FAQs

Taskstream Student FAQs

For answers to the most common questions that students have about using Taskstream, see below:

How do I access Taskstream?

The article links below will take you through the steps of creating an account, which internet browser to use, and how to log in or reset your password in Taskstream.

How to Create or Renew a Taskstream Account
Which Internet browsers can I use to access Watermark's solutions?
How do I reset my Taskstream password?

How to Log in to Taskstream

How do I get my courses or programs listed on my Taskstream home page?
In order to submit work for evaluation in Taskstream, you need a course or program listed on your home page. See the article linked below for more information on getting your course/ program so you can submit:

Getting Course Listed on Taskstream Home Page/ Self-Enrollment

How do I submit work for evaluation?
Work can be submitted as an attached document (Microsoft Word, PDF, etc.), video file, etc. The article links below give detailed instructions for uploading and submitting your work:
Attach and Submit Work in Taskstream
Compressing a video before uploading to Taskstream

Uploading a video to Taskstream
Canceling a submission or "un-submitting" work

Where do I find my grade/ score?
Grades/ Scores for your submitted work are available to view, download, and print from your Taskstream account. Please contact your instructor or an administrator at your school if you have any questions about your grade.

Directions to find your score are linked below:
Locating a Grade (Scores / Results) in Taskstream

What happens to my work after my account expires? 
Don't worry! You still have access to your work and scores after your account has expired.

The article link below will take you through the steps to access and download work from an expired account:
How do I access my work after my account has expired?

How can I find more help materials?
The Watermark Help Center has articles, guides, tips, and resources that will help you use Taskstream.

See the attachments below for a

Downloadable PDF of these student FAQs

Downloadable PDF Quick Start Guide for Authors (Students)

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