Troubleshooting: Course Not Listed on Home Page / Self- Enrollment

If your course or program is not listed on your home page, please contact your instructor for assistance.


If your instructor has provided you with a self-enrollment code, you can self-enroll, which means you can add the program to your Taskstream account yourself.

Note: A self-enrollment code is different from a key code. Key Codes are either 12 or 14 characters separated by a dash and used to create an account (for example: 1YRSUB-GXIB49).

Self-enrollment codes are used to add a program or course to your home page so you can submit work. They often reference a program or term (for example: FA23Elementary).


To enroll yourself into a program:

1. Click the Enter Code button at the bottom of your Home page


2. Enter the program code you were provided, and click Search. Do not to enter any additional spaces. If you have entered a valid program code for your school, you will see information about the program.

3. Click the Enroll button, to confirm you are enrolling in the correct program. You will then be notified that you were successfully enrolled into the program.

To begin working, click the Start Working on Your New Program button. 

If you are not sure if it is the correct program, please clarify with your instructor or an administrator at your school. The Taskstream by Watermark Support Team does not have access to self-enrollment codes for specific schools.


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