Sharing Login Information with Faculty

When creating user accounts, the users are not automatically notified of their account creation. 

For users on advanced authentication (SAML, Portal, LDAP or Shibboleth), since users log in with their existing credentials, communication only needs to be provided to tell them when they can first log in and where.

For users on local authentication, because they have a default password assigned, they need to be sent a link to reset their password to log in.

There are a few options for requesting login information:

1) You can select to send the user a link to reset their password via the Users and Security utility. For information on the Users and Security utility, please see the article Users and Security.

2) Users on local authentication can reset their password by clicking on the link "Reset Your Password" from the "Need Help?" section of the login screen. You can send a mass email to all new users instructing them to the login page url and the link to request their password.

3) You can request that an email is sent on your behalf from Faculty Success. We do need the email text from you, but can send a reset link to your users. Please reference the article Ready for Data Entry - Sample Message for more information.

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