Data Import Record Limits

The data import record limit is set at 20,000 for both CSV and Web Services API processes. This limitation considers both the records in your file and the existing records that users included in your import file have in their Faculty Success Activities utility.

The number of records considered in the record limit is prompted by the application's use of primary key matching, which causes the system to go through all existing records and the records in your file. All these records are then counted toward the 20,000 record limit enforced by the system. This helps explains why, even if your file doesn't contain 20,000 records, you may still encounter a record limit error when importing data into Faculty Success through the CSV or Web Services API data import processes.

Note: The record limit has the greatest impact when importing data into Scheduled Teaching, where most records are added and a primary key is used by default to prevent duplicate creation and to simplify updates to existing records.


Resolving Data Import Record Limits 

To address the record limit, we recommend a workaround of splitting the number of records in your file into multiple parts. The number of times you will need to split the records on your file will depend on the total number of records in the file and the records in the system for each user. When dividing the records in your file, it's best practice to split them by username to avoid the same user appearing in multiple files. This way, during our system's detection procedures, it's only looking at the records for a subset of users.


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