CSV Imports: Create New Records

There are two ways to generate a CSV that can be used to create new records in Faculty Success, one is by using the Configuration report to create a CSV file from scratch and the other by using the Export Raw Data report to generate a CSV that will serve as a starting point. For brand new screens or areas of the system being imported for the first time, refer to the Configuration report. For areas where an activity screen already has some data, an Export Raw Data may be used. 


Creating New Records using Configuration Report 

The Configuration report is an Excel file that can be used to retrieve the field codes from the activity screen for which you want to create new records. These field codes will be used as column headers on your file and do not need to be in any particular order. While you retrieve the field codes keep in mind that the activity screen from which you want to import data may have primary keys, which are a subset of fields that must be included in your CSV.

You can access your Configuration report from your Home page by going to the Tools utility and selecting Home.


The Configuration report will be under "Your Configuration" on the Home page and can be downloaded by clicking the "Download" hyperlink. Once the report has been downloaded, navigate to the activity screen for which you want to view the field codes by finding the name of the activity screen within the tabs.

ScreenshotAfter you've selected the activity screen, you can find the field codes for your CSV by locating the field in the "Field or Group" column and the code value in the "Code" column.



Once you've found the field codes for which you'll be creating new records, you can use them to create your CSV file for the import by again using the field codes as column headers as well as the data to be imported. You must also include the unique identifier, such as Username, UserID, or BannerID, as well as the Primary Key if one exists.

For a guide on formatting your CSV and using it for your Data Import, refer to this article

Creating New Records using Export Raw Data Report 

An Export Raw Data report can be used to obtain a CSV file with the necessary column headers to create new records for your import, if records exist. 

To retrieve the Export Raw Data report, go to the Reports utility, click the "Create a New Report" button, select "Export Data", and then format the report parameters to retrieve a report for the desired activity screen and fields.


Once you have the report, you can begin entering data for the new records you want to add to your import. Remember that if the activity screen to which you are importing records has a Primary Key, you must include it, and refer to this article for help formatting your CSV and using it for your Data Import.

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