Mirrored Files Overview

Important: In this video, we note the specific steps and requirements for setting up Mirrored Files with Amazon S3. Please note that our method of configuration has changed. See this article for the most up to date details on how to request a Mirrored Files set up utilizing Amazon S3.

Your users keep track of their activities with Faculty Success. In addition to recording information about these activities, your users can attach files, such as:

  • Full-texts of intellectual contributions your faculty have published
  • Syllabi of courses your faculty have taught
  • Presentation files, such as PowerPoint documents, of presentations your faculty have given

Authorized users on your campus will be able to access these files at any time, which enables your campus to report activity data and supporting documentation together to provide a more complete picture of the activities in which your faculty members are involved.

Mirrored Files adds to this by enabling you to make files publicly accessible. If you choose to configure your secondary location to permit public access, you can:

  • Configure links in custom reports to point to the secondary location instead of Faculty Success. To request this, once Mirrored Files is in place, simply submit a Report Revision(s) work request noting which file upload field links in the custom report should point to the secondary location.
  • Include links to stored files in a faculty directory populated using web services.

Furthermore, Mirrored Files can provide you with a location from which you can make a local backup of your files.

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