Storing Files with Amazon S3


Mirrored Files using Amazon S3 requires that your institution purchase storage space from Amazon. To purchase storage space from Amazon, visit

Important: Faculty Success does not provide, is not responsible for, and makes no assurances regarding the products or services offered by Amazon. Faculty Success privacy policies do not apply to Amazon. You should review Amazon’s privacy policy and terms of service to ensure compliance with your institution’s policies.

Implementation Details

Faculty Success utilizes IAM roles to access your AWS resources. This allows you to establish a trust relationship between your account and DM's AWS account and to securely delegate permissions using roles.

To store files with Amazon, you will need to set up a role in your S3 bucket that FS can assume with our IAM role (arn:aws:iam::148927672511:role/dm-s3-access).

Once you have configured your system, you will provide the following pieces of information via work request and we will implement the mirrored files storage and sync your existing files:

  • your AWS role ARN that has read/write/delete permissions for your S3 bucket, that can be assumed by the DM role
  • the external ID for that role
  • and the Bucket Name

Let us know if you have additional questions about the process for putting mirrored files in place. You may also want to visit for more information on delegating permissions with a role.


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