What is a Role Group?

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You can access the Workflow Administrator Certification videos here.

A Role Group is a group of users, such as Department Chairs or Deans, who need to take action during a Workflow process. Like Templates, Role Groups can be reused year after year. They can also be used in conjunction with multiple templates.

Role Groups are only created for the reviewers in a given process, not the participants who initially submit their materials for review. Those participants who submit to a Process are referred to as "candidates." They will be selected when scheduling the process.

Because Role Groups determine who has access to a given Step, make sure you have a Role Group that corresponds to each Step. Role Groups may be used in multiple Steps across multiple Templates.

At this time, Workflow offers two types of Role Groups — Administrative Reviewer and Committee. As we continue to expand the functionality in Workflow, other Role Group types will become available.

Managing Role Group Views

The list of Role Groups may be sorted or filtered to allow quick access or review. Filtering options include Role Group Name, Scope, and Type. Under the Actions menu, there are additional options to Duplicate the Role Group, or Delete the Role Group if it is no longer needed for creation of new Schedules.


By clicking the "Type" column header, a sort and filter menu will drop-down. Sort order may be changed to Ascending or Descending, with additional filtering by value. To save the selections and close the menu, click "Apply"

The Workflow module is available to add to Faculty Success for an additional fee. To learn more about adding it for your institution, please contact your Client Success Manager.

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