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ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes researchers and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between researchers and their professional activities ensuring that the researchers work is recognized.

With this feature, faculty can now import their publication citations into Faculty Success directly from ORCID. This makes data entry faster and more accurate for faculty. Much like our other import integrations (PubMed, Crossref, Scopus, and Web of Science), ORCID reduces the need for manual data entry, creating greater efficiencies for faculty.

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NOTE: In order to turn on this integration, your institution must have at least a basic ORCID membership.

ORCID membership is typically managed by libraries, offices of research, or ID management. In order to turn on this integration for your institution, you must request approval from ORCID to provide Faculty Success access to your information.

The Basics

Faculty Success presents the faculty member with the option to "Authorize" the connection with their ORCID account and asks to share their iD using an authenticated process: either by registering for an ORCID iD or, if they already have one, by signing into their ORCID account. We do this to ensure that each faculty member is correctly identified and is securely connecting their ORCID iD.

Faculty Success then acknowledges that a faculty member has authorized the connection between it and his or her ORCID iD by displaying the ORCID iD icon as part of an indicator that states that the system is connected to the user’s ORCID record.

Rather than supply the same information over and over in different systems, faculty members can pull their publication citation information from their ORCID record directly into Faculty Success, to then use for their numerous reporting needs.  

There are three steps to turn on your ORCID integration:

  1. Submit a form to ORCID and get your credentials
  2. Submit a Work Request and provide your Client ID and PIN (secret) as an attachment
  3. Faculty Success turns on the integration for your instrument

Here's some additional guidance for completing the form:

  • In the notes for ORCID staff, paste in the following: “As a Faculty Success by Watermark client I want to access the Faculty Success-ORCID Integration”.
  • Your name of organization should be “Faculty Success by Watermark for [your university name here]”. This will be used to communicate to faculty that Faculty Success is requesting access to their ORCID information on behalf of your institution.
  • You will need to provide two contact methods for receiving a PIN to access credentials. ORCID also refers to your PIN as your "Secret." You can either provide two of your own contact methods (i.e., your cell phone number and your email address, or your work email address and your personal email address), or one contact method for you and another for someone else at your institution.
  • The URL for the homepage of the application should be www.watermarkinsights.com.
  • The short description of your client application should be:
    "Watermark is requesting access to your ORCID account to enable you to import publication citations into Faculty Success."
  • Redirect URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) should be:
    • www.digitalmeasures.com
    • beta.digitalmeasures.com

Once you receive your credentials, submit a Work Request in Faculty Success and provide your Client ID and PIN (or "Secret") as an attachment to the request.

Badges to Communicate Value to Users

Once your Faculty Success - ORCID integration is in place you also become part of the broader ORCID Collect and Connect program and qualify for badges that can help you communicate to your faculty how this integration supports them in their use of both Faculty Success and ORCID. By displaying the Authenticate, Display, and Collect badges (see below) you can reinforce to them the value of leveraging this integration to help them represent their publications accurately in both Faculty Success and ORCID, with minimal data entry work. Of course, you can display the badges wherever you like, but we recommend posting them in any help materials you craft to help faculty work with Faculty Success.


To obtain your badges, you'll just need to add some specific language to the content where you'll place the badges describing how the Digital Measures-ORCID integration delivers the value related to each one. Then just send a screenshot of that language to support@orcid.org and someone from ORCID will reply with those materials.

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