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Web of Science contains more than a billion cited references and counting, including books, journal articles, patents, websites, conference proceedings and Open Access materials dating back to 1900. Web of Science is a painstakingly selected, actively curated database of the journals that researchers themselves have judged to be the most important and useful in their fields.

The Basics

Web of Science is a part of Clarivate's Scientific and Academic Research products & services. Watermark offers a built-in solution for your institution to make use of the Web of Science option for faculty/staff to quickly retrieve publications data found in the Web of Science Core Collection, which only houses items once they've been published in print for import into Faculty Success.

Web of Science imports also allow searching by ResearcherID. This is highly recommended because it is an ID unique to a specific person, and will result in far more accurate searches. For more information on Web of Science Research Profiles, visit https://clarivate.com/.

After configuring the integration for your institution, faculty/staff will be able to use the Import option from the Publications (Intellectual Contributions) section to find and import publications from this database.

Enabling Web of Science for your Institution

Configuring the integration for your institution can be completed in a few easy steps - no developer resources are required!

  1. Register for an API Key on the Clarivate Developer Portal

    a. When completing the form, fill out the first 3 fields for your own internal use and documentation, such as the following:

    Application ID: "youruniversity"
    Application Name: "Your University"
    Application Description: "Application for Web of Science API for integration with Watermark Faculty Success"

    Note: You must include "Watermark Faculty Success" to expedite response to your sign-up application.

    b. When choosing the Client Type, please choose the option "Public: Single Page Application" and do not select the checkbox for OAuth2.0.


    After completion of these steps, proceed with registering for the Web of Science Starter API, unless your institution is already set up to use the Web of Science Expanded Rest API, which we also accept.

  2. After your application is approved, you will receive an API Key. The top level administrator for your institution must submit this unique key as a General Work Request in Faculty Success.
  3. Our technical team will install the API Key to complete the work request. The Web of Science option will appear in the Publication Import tool.

Web of Science Resources

Web of Science FAQs (Clarivate)


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