Leader Insights Release Notes for April 16, 2024

This release includes a very exciting new addition to Leader Insights for Institutions that license Student Learning & Licensure with the System Administration data integration. We are introducing our first set of program level insights for program chairs within the program profile.

Monitor Student Learning and Assessment Engagement

Program leaders and administrators that gather assessment data through Student Learning & Licensure can now monitor assessment activity for their program. Insights are surfaced to answer key essential questions including:

  • What is the overall student learning assessment participation for my program for the given term?
    • How many students are being assessed, and across how many key assessments?
    • How many instructors and courses are participating in assessment?
  • What courses and course sections are actively engaging in assessment for the given term?
    • Is student submission or faculty assessment on or off track?
    • What courses are not engaging in assessment in the given term?



Note: If the institution does not have Student Learning and Licensure connected, the program leaders will see an empty state:


Empty State.png


Boost Engagement in Assessment by Course Section

From within the Program Curriculum Engagement in Assessment widget, leaders and administrators can drill into the assessment progress for each course. The drill down provides a progress overview of assessment in the course section, with an option to email instructors who need a gentle reminder.

Disaggregated by section.png


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