How to Move a Question from One Position to Another on a Survey

When creating a survey (and sometimes after creating the survey) it becomes necessary to move a question from one position to another.  To move a question from one position to another in the survey, follow the directions below:

  1. Locate the question you wish to move on the survey
  2. Put the number of positions you wish to move the question in the box with the #.  For example, if the question is currently question 2 and you wish it to be question 7 then you would put 5 in the number box as that is the difference between 7 and 2.
  3. Click the up or down arrow depending on which way you wanted to move the question.  Using the same example from above, you would click the down arrow to move the question from question 2 to question 7.
  4. The question will now be in the new position.
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