Send Emails & Collect Scores from Faculty

After a measure has been added to an outcome, there are multiple options for evaluating the measure. One way is by emailing faculty and collecting scores. 


Under the Results section, click "I want to send emails and collect scores from faculty" to proceed with this option.


Select how the results should be displayed. The options are:

  • Average Scores
  • Categories that the scores fall into (Met, Not Met, etc)



After making a selection, click Set A Target. 


If the average of all scores option is selected, you'll need to set a target to calculate scores. Click Set Up Collection Request once the target has been established.


If Show Categories is selected, click Set a Target

Set score ranges and click Set Up Collection Request. 


Select the term.


Add an optional due date for faculty and click Send Emails. 

Note: Only course sections that fall under the term selected will appear on the list. 


After the emails have been sent, the Results section will display "Waiting for scores from faculty." As the faculty members enter their scores, this screen will populate data and display which sections scores have been received. Click Save and Close to return to the previous screen. 



When results have been added, click Analyze Results under the measure. 


The average score and number of scores will be displayed.



If categories were selected, the display of results will be a bar chart showing the percentage of scores that Met or did Not Meet the target.



If you click Track and Send Emails again, you'll be able to view the sections, instructors, emails, and whether or not the scores were received. 

If scores have not yet been received, the Send Email button will appear and can be clicked again. 


Once the results collection process has been completed, you'll have the option to add any additional documentation as a file upload under the  Files tab. You can also enter a summary of the findings under the Summary tab. 



Continue to add optional findings and actions. Then click Save and Close.


If you decide that you want to change the collection method, you do have the option to change it or close collection.


Click More Options:


Changing the collection method will delete the results that have already been entered.


If you choose to close collection method, no additional results will be added unless you choose to re-open the collection method.










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