Batch Update Cross-listed LMS Sections Request

Reported Issue

If the LMS Course Resolver has been updated or investigated by the SS&E Client Services team and it hasd been determined that it is not possible to consistently match many LMS course sections with the proper course section Id imported into SS&E from the SIS system via the LMS Course Resolver code, the unmatched course sections will have to be manually resolved within SS&E instead.


If this is not a widespread issue, and there are only a few dozen unresolved course sections, please follow the steps that instruct How to Manually Override the LMS ID and Manually Resolve Merged LMS Courses.

If there are over a few dozen unresolved course sections, and it is too time consuming to manually enter all the missing course LMS IDs, please open a support ticket requesting assistance from the SS&E Client Services team following the instructions below.

How to Request a Course LMS ID Batch Update

To request a batch update for the course LMS ID override process, please Submit a Help Request referencing a "Batch Update to Cross-listed LMS Sections", including a spreadsheet in one of the following formats.

  1. Option 1: (preferred)
    1. Column A header: “CHILD_SECTION_SIS_ID
    2. Column B header: “PARENT_SECTION_LMS_ID
  2. Option 2:
    1. Column A header: “CHILD_SECTION_SIS_ID
    2. Column B header: “PARENT_SECTION_SIS_ID

Important Notes

    • The child section is the SIS section that the student is registered for, and the parent section is the LMS section they should be linked to in SS&E.
    • Additional columns may be included for reference but they are not required.
    • ONLY sections being updated should be included in the sheet. Including additional sections may cause issues with the batch update.
    • Watermark does not validate the list before making the changes, so ensure you have the correct values listed!
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