Account Associated with Multiple Institutions

Your Taskstream account can be associated with multiple institutions and you can toggle between each institution. There is no need to have multiple accounts.


How to Switch or Toggle Between Institutions

From your Taskstream homepage:

1. Towards the top right of the page, go to Change Organization:

2. Click to select the organization of your choice from the drop down list

3. Click Go

The selected organization homepage will open.



How to Add Another Affiliation to an Existing Taskstream Account

To add another institutional affiliation (have one Taskstream account associated with one or more schools), you first follow the steps as though you are renewing your account. 

Note: These steps should be followed if your current or existing school has provided you with a key code or if your existing account has expired.


See the following directions:

From the main Taskstream sign on page:

1. Click Create/ Renew

2. Select Renew my Taskstream subscription

3. Select option 1 or option 2 and click Continue

4. Enter your account's username and password.  If you need help remembering these, see: How do I reset my Taskstream password?

5. Select that you are participating in a college/ university, the first option

6. Select the state of your institution, the type of institution, and choose the school name from the drop down menu and click Continue.

7. A notice will appear that you "will be placed in a new community/ organization" and ask if you wish to proceed with your renewal.  Your account will be affiliated with both (or multiple, depending on your situation) schools.

8. Click proceed with renewal

Follow the steps to complete your renewal.  For more assistance with this process, see: Creating or Renewing a Taskstream Account

Note: If your account is active and you purchased it yourself via credit card then you do not need to pay again for another school affiliation. Contact Watermark's Support Team by clicking Submit A Request. Be sure to include the following information

  • Your full name and email address associated with your original account
  • The name of the school on your current account and the name of additional school
  • Your student ID




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