What is Gateways?

Gateways is a module in Student Learning and Licensure that enables faculty and administrators to monitor and oversee their programs and track students’ progress on requirements. Many processes to track candidates throughout their program are paper-based, which makes it difficult to synthesize or aggregate information for overall reporting. Gateways allows users to capture the artifacts and information gathered in these processes and report on these requirements in ways that will illuminate new insights about students that can then be used for overall program improvements.


The Full Picture: Oversee student progress from program acceptance to graduation and licensure

Data-Driven Decisions: Perform administrative requirements with the input of academic student data 

Fast Insights: Quickly understand how students did with their program requirements

One Location: Connect all activities associated with candidate management in a single system

Flexibility: Manage curricular and non-curricular requirements, inside and outside the classroom


Programs can: 

  • Group students together by cohorts and have them access their own version of the program’s licensure plan.

  • Create licensure plans to allow students and staff to track student progression as they navigate academic and out-of-the-classroom experiences.

Staff members can: 

  • Store and monitor documentation for each student in one place to ensure that candidates have passed the necessary requirements before going into the field.

Students can: 

  • See what is required of them for their Licensure Plan.

  • Upload and submit information for review.

  • See what requirements have been confirmed as met by staff members or see what needs to be improved with a Not Met status.


Gateways is powered by Watermark System Administration. System Administration enables institutions to centrally manage and monitor core foundational data - like organizations, programs, courses, and people - for multiple Watermark products. The goals of this module are to reduce your time spent loading and managing these data into each product, while harmonizing the data for better cross-platform integrations and insights. 

System Administration is an essential part of Student Learning & Licensure's progression, and is the underlying technology behind new, exciting functionality, such as the Gateways module. As such, moving from Student Learning and Licensure's native data management tools to System Administration is a prerequisite for Gateways, and involves its own onboarding process.

  • If you are newly implementing Student Learning & Licensure, please reach out to your Implementation Project Manager or Client Success Manager to discuss your launch goals and ensure that using System Administration sets you up for success for the Fall semester.
  • If you’ve already implemented Student Learning & Licensure, we’ll want to take your schedule and how you currently manage core data into account when advising on the best time to transition to System Administration. Please share your interest in System Administration and Gateways with us through this form and we will follow up to schedule a time to discuss the best approach, goals, and timeline for you.



For whom is Gateways available?

Core Gateways functionality is included in the Advanced package of Student Learning & Licensure. Please reach out to your Client Success Manager if you're unsure which package of Student Learning & Licensure your institution has.


When can I get Gateways?

Gateways was released for Limited Availability on June 22, 2022. During this period of limited availability, Watermark will work with you if you're interested in using these capabilities, to help determine fit and ensure that there's great alignment between your goals and what Gateways can do today. 


What does Limited Availability mean?

Gateways is fully-functional and high-performing upon launch. Limited Availability is due to the dependency of System Administration, which will take time for existing users to migrate over to. System Administration is a valuable addition for centrally managing and loading core data, and is being perfected for a seamless adoption process. The exciting part is once you are able to obtain Gateways, you'll get an even more advanced version of what is available today.


Are there any prerequisites for adoption?

Yes. You must be on Watermark System Administration before you are able to obtain access to Gateways. 


What does the adoption path look like?

Due largely to the dependency on System Administration, it may take time before you are eligible to adopt Gateways. We will need to have a conversation to fully understand your specific situation, technical requirements, and craft a tailored path to adoption that reflects the best timeline for your needs. 


What can I do to start the process?

We are collecting interest and recording expressed interest for later availability. There is a form available, which you can fill out here: Gateways General Availability Sign-up

We will contact you as the General Availability release nears, so that you can begin preparation and start discussions based on your needs and requirements. 


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