Contacting Watermark's Customer Support

How do I get support from Watermark?

Looking for help with your Watermark solution?

There are many options for getting in touch with Watermark's Support Team. See the options below, followed by a description of when to use which option, hours, and average response times:


Option 1: Searching or browsing for knowledge articles and guidance in our Watermark Help Center

(For tips and tricks on the best way to search, see this article:  How to Search the Watermark Help Center)


Option 2Submit A Request form, from the Watermark Help Center

The Submit A Request form will be responded to by our Support Team 24/7 and is located on the top right and bottom of every Help Center page.

By filling out this form when you need help, you are providing crucial information that the Support Team needs to answer your question. 

The form also automatically routes to an agent based on their expertise, so can be received and handled faster than an email. Average response times during US business hours is 1 hour or less, and after hours, less than 3 hours.


Option 3: Messaging Chat widget, from the Watermark Help Center

Our Messaging widget can be found on the bottom right corner of any Help Center page. 

With Messaging, you will select your role (Admin, Faculty, Student) and the Watermark product you are using. Based on  your answers, you may be offered relevant knowledge base articles from our Watermark Messaging Bot.  If you need further assistance, you can connect to a Support Team member who can assist in a real time conversation. Average response times during US business hours is less than 5 minutes.

Messaging is great for quick questions and is a little different from traditional "Chat" support. It's asynchronous, meaning that you'll still get an answer, even if you step away or close out the window.  Read more about Messaging here:  A New Way to Get Help: Watermark Messaging


Option 4: Emailing

Yes, you can still email us :-)

When emailing, our Support Team still needs that crucial information that a Web Form provides. Be sure to include your full name, school email address, the Watermark product you have a question about, as well as screen shots and steps to reproduce what you are experiencing.

Please note that email requires manual routing (as opposed to the Submit A Request form) so we suggest using email when your request is non-urgent.


Option 5: Contacting Watermark with an urgent issue or during an incident

Phone support is available for urgent issues during US business hours, Monday- Friday 8am-7pm ET.


For urgent issues after the US business hours listed above, please use our Submit A Request form from the Help Center and be sure to add "Urgent" to the subject line.

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