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The Enrollment Report is available within this Reports feature of the Student Success & Engagement platform under the Enrollment Management section.

  • By design, the Enrollment Report only checks for students with courses in the filtered terms that have a "registered" status, e.g. students that are enrolled at the institution in the selected terms.
  • All other student enrollment statuses are not included in the report results. Other statuses are: Dropped, Purged By Institution, Waitlist, Withdraw In Progress, Withdrawn, Unknown, Deleted, Web Withdrawn.

Running the Report

Based on the report criteria, this report will present students general demographic information, tags, alerts, GPA and graduation date of your current student population. The report can be further segmented by student status, success staff, campus location, program, tag and date. 

A list of the Enrollment Report criteria are listed under the Report Filters section below.

By clicking "Run Report" all of the data that falls within the defined parameters will be shown.


The information produced can also be exported into an Excel Spreadsheet by clicking the "To Excel" link: 

Why are staff members appearing in the Enrollment Report?

When you use the "Current" option in the "Status" field, that looks at a student status field stored internally in the SS&E database. This student status field is updated periodically by a background job. This processes all person records, and if a 'staff' role is found, the status is updated to be 'active' so those people can be found in the student search interface. However, this also causes students that have 'staff' security roles to appear in the enrollment report, as long as they have the 'student' role also (regardless of their registration term).

Report Filters

Registration Terms

Only show students that have registrations (e.g. enrolled with a registered status) in the selected terms.

Student Status - Only shows students who have at least one of the selected statuses. More on statuses here.

Success Staff - Only shows students who have at least one of the selected staff members on their success team (as either their primary advisor or primary coach).

Student Campus  - Only shows students who have at least one of the selected locations as their primary campus location.

Term Persistence Risk Level - Only shows students who have one of the selected term persistence risk levels. 

Course Completion Risk Level - Only shows students whose overall course completion risk level is one of the selected risk levels.

Programs - Only shows students whose primary program is one of the selected programs.

Tags - Shows students having the selected tags. This can be configured in "All" mode, which will only show students who have all of the selected tags, or "Any" mode, which will only show students who have at least one of the selected tags.

Exclude Tags - Only shows students who do not have any of the selected tags.

Active after date and Active before date - This works by filtering the enrollments down by the last date they are expected to be active students. Essentially the filtering will operate against the end date of the latest term in which a student has a registered class. What this allows you to do is see students who were active in a specific time period, but have not registered for any terms after that point. For example, let's say it's August and you want to see students who were registered in Spring term (which ended May 15th) or Summer term (which ends August 1st), but have not yet registered for fall term, which starts August 15th. You would select something like May 10th for the "Active after date" and something like August 5th for "Active before date" This will give you any students who were active in either the Spring or Summer terms, but have not yet registered for Fall term (or any other term that ends after August 5th.


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