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Next allows students to "check-in" to specific campus departments via the SS&E Next web browser based Kiosk System.

  • When arriving at the kiosk, students will be prompted to login as a "current student" using their edu email address, then select the campus, department, and service they wish to meet about.
  • After answering these questions, staff and faculty will be notified that the student has arrived, and be able to see the reason for the student's visit including any additional questions and notes a student may wish to share before meeting with the staff or faculty member. 
  • SS&E Next Kiosk meeting selections are configured on the Locations & Buildings Administration and Meetings Administration menus.
      • Campus selections are initially defined in Locations Administration. The locations, aka campus selections, displayed in Next are associated with active Service Delivery Locations.
      • Departments are defined in Service Delivery Locations Administration. The departments displayed in Next are the active Service Delivery Locations associated with the selected campus, aka location.
      • Services are defined in Service Offerings Administration. The services displayed in Next are the active Service Offerrings associated with the selected Service Delivery Location, aka department.

Welcome Screen

When students arrive at a kiosk, they will see the following welcome screen asking if they are a New Student or a Current Student. 


If students are at a kiosk and see "Set Kiosk Location" instead of the above welcome screen, then they are viewing an administrator screen which means that this kiosk has not been set up.

  • For more information about the Next Administrator view, see here.

New Student Login

If a student selects "New Student", they will be added into SS&E with the New Registrant role function.

  • Users that are only assigned a role associated with the New Registrant function cannot log in to SS&E and cannot be impersonated.
  • If needed, administrators can change the assigned role in People Administration.

Login Screen

After their selection on the welcome screen, students will be prompted to login to the Next system.

Since the Student Success & Engagement platform is integrated with existing systems on campus, students should only use their institutional username/password login information when accessing Next.



  • If a student tries logging into Next with their personal email address an error message will display stating that they are using a personal email account that is not supported and to "try signing out and signing back in with an organizational email account"

Walk-In Meeting Criteria

Once logged in, students will be asked to fill out a specific set of criteria to ensure appropriate action is taken.

This criteria includes: Campus Location, Department, Services needed, Staff preference, and Confirmation of check-in.



Once the specific department has been indicated, a student has the ability to specify what type of services they are in need of.


Students are also given the option of meeting with specific staff members base on availability. Wait times will also be available for the student to be able to determine if they would like to see a specific staff member or the next available. 



Submitting a Walk-In Meeting Request

Upon the completion of choosing a staff member, student's will receive a message asking them to confirm and submit their meeting request.  


Meetings will be confirmed on the subsequent and final screen.



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