LMS Activity Report


The LMS Activity Report is available within the Reports feature of the Student Success & Engagement platform.

The report indicates a student's level of interaction within the campus LMS system.

Through LMS integration, Student Success & Engagement captures the date & time when each student in an online course accesses their courses in the LMS.

When not filtering by tag(s), this report shows all the registrations for the current term (or most recent previous term if between terms), and the last time the person accessed the course in the LMS.

The report can also be further segmented by Student Tag.

Report Criteria

  • The report will run for students Registered in Online course sections in the current term
      • The students Transcript Course records have a status of Registered
      • The course section record is marked as Online in Course Section Administration
      • The LMS Id is populated. eg. is not null or empty, on the course section in Course Section Administration
      • Today's date is between the start date and the end date of a 'current' Academic Calendar term record. If today's date is in between terms (and no current academic calendar is found), then the system will select the most recent non-transfer Academic Calendar term record 
      • The student's enrollment, eg.Transcript Course record, has synced with the LMS at least one time before (lastLmsSynchronizationDate displayed on the Transcript Course Imported Data Viewis is not null)
  • If tags are selected. the report will filter on people with those tags
      • The tag must be marked as Active in Tag Administration in order to be considered.

How to run/export the report

  • By clicking "Run Report" all of the data that falls within the defined parameters will be shown. 
  • Information produced by running the report can also be exported into an Excel Spreadsheet by clicking on  2023-12-15 13_30_11-Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png.

2023-12-15 13_32_29-app___resources_notifications.html#.png

The LMS Activity Report results include the following information:

  • Student ID
  • Student Name
  • Primary Advisor
  • Primary Coach
  • Course
  • Section
  • Last Access Date (Last Login Date) - If empty this indicates that the student has not logged in

2023-12-15 13_33_41-Settings.png


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