Message Delivery Statuses


Message delivery statuses display on the SS&E Message Report in SS&E Messaging Administration and provide information about what happened with an email or an SMS message.

  • For help troubleshooting why text messages are not sending, click here.
  • To view Message Report Erros Code explanations, click here.
  • To access the Message Report click on the hyperlink and replace yourInstitution to fix the URL, further explained here.
  • If Sent Messages need to be recalled, that is not handled by SS&E.
      • If needed, please reach out to your institutional Email Administrator to find out if they can work with your external provider to help recall sent messages.
  • If sent messages are missing from the Message Report searching the message report by the date range, then the messages did not reach SS&E and were not processed by the system. 
      • Selecting a message record Id from the Message Report will display the message body which allows Admin users to see the exact message.

Messaging Statuses


The message has been created in the SS&E database and is pending send.

Delivery has not yet been attempted.

PROCESSING  SS&E is attempting to begin the Send process.




The message is currently being processed by the SS&E message Send process.

If no issues arise, it should be sent shortly.




The message was successfully processed by the SS&E message send process.

No errors occurred with the send.




The message was successfully processed by SS&E AND confirmed as delivered.

For email deliveries, this status is set when the recipient opens the email.

For SMS deliveries, this status is set when the SMS provider confirms that the message arrived on the phone.



An error occurred during the send process.

An example of a failed SMS Message is a Carrier Violation where the mobile carrier is blocking certain text messages from reaching a mobile device.

By design, the system will automatically attempt to resend a failed text message by email, as seen on the Message Report.

To view a list of Message Report Error Codes, click here.





An attempt was made to deliver this message, but it was interrupted.

Messages should leave this state very quickly, if they do not then they can be considered as FAILED.




The message was previously failed.

Later it was manually marked in the message report to no longer appear as an error.



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