MS Exchange Calendar Integration Troubleshooting


Student Success & Engagement (or SS&E) integrates with Microsoft Exchange (and other calendar providers) to provide meeting scheduler functionality that checks staff Exchange calendars for available times and places scheduled meetings on their Exchange calendars.

  • This integration is facilitated by the institution's Exchange Web Services (EWS) with which SS&E communicates with.

In order to communicate properly, Autodiscovery must be on and enabled for the provided Exchange account credentials configured in SS&E Meeting Configuration found here

To review the setup steps for the Meeting Scheduler module click here.

How to check if Outlook Autodiscovery is properly enabled

Using the service account configured in SS&E, test the Autodiscovery service to make sure that it is available for the SS&E Meeting Scheduler account by utilizing the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer:

If the test fails:

  • This usually means that either the service is unavailable or that the SS&E Meeting Scheduler account lost permissions.
  • Confirm that the user name and password in SS&E Meeting Configuration are correct.
  • "An HTTP 401 Unauthorized response was received from the remote Unknown server" is usually the result of an incorrect username or password. If you are attempting to log onto an Office 365 service, ensure you are using the full User Principal Name (UPN). 
  • If still using Basic Authentication, confirm that the password/account has not been disabled or expired and is set to never expire.
  • If the account expired, the password may have been updated. Validate the correct password and then make sure that it is also updated within SS&E.
  • If still failing, check if there is anything blocking the SS&E Meeting Scheduler account from communicating with Outlook?

How to test the SS&E Meeting Scheduler account

  1. Log in to using the service account configured within SS&E to check if the password has expired.
  2. If the password has expired, update the password, set it to never expire, and then update the new password in SS&E Meeting Configuration.
    • Contact SS&E Support if you need any assistance updating Student Success & Engagement Meeting Configuration with the updated password.
  3. If the account credentials displayed in SS&E are valid, then Autodiscovery is unavailable.
    • This is more likely to happen in hybrid/on-premise Exchange setups.
    • To fix, verify that Autodiscovery is on and working and available for the SS&E service account.
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