External Calendar Integration - Meeting FAQ's

What happens when an event is cancelled in SS&E?

The external calendar event is also cancelled, and typically the calendar system will automatically notify all of the invitees - this includes the staff member and the student that are marked as attendees on the calendar.

What happens when an event is modified in the external calendar system?

These types of changes are typically not possible, as the calendar event is 'owned' by the "service account" that is used to facilitate the integration between SS&E and the external calendar system. However, if changes are made from the external system (such as changes to title, description, dates, etc.), those changes will not synchronize into SS&E and be reflected from SS&E.

What happens when a meeting is declined in the external calendar?

If one person declines the meeting, this will automatically cancel the meeting both in SS&E and in the external calendar for all participants.

What happens when an event is modified within SS&E?

Changes to events from within SS&E will synchronize with the calendar event in the external system. Notifications about these changes are handled by the external calendar system. Typically these types of changes are sent to each of the event attendees via email notification.

Who can students meet with?

Students can schedule meetings with any staff member who has enabled scheduled meetings. Convenient links are placed in the student's success team widget to schedule appointments directly with their advisor/coach. To meet with other staff members, the student can click "Schedule a Meeting" on their Meetings dashboard widget. Using this button will allow a student to search for and select an individual that they'd like to meet with or to select a team/department that they need assistance from.

Why am I getting meeting requests during the same time?

SS&E relies on your external (Google, Microsoft) calendar to tell us when you are unavailable. This includes meetings that are scheduled through SS&E. Ensure that your calendar settings automatically mark you as busy when you receive a meeting invitation.

In Google calendar, this can be done in two places:

In your Google calendar settings, enable the automatic addition of events from Gmail:


As well as automatic addition of invitations:

In the user's Outlook settings, users should confirm that their "Share" settings are set to share when they are busy with their organization (or at least with the service account user).
The Outlook calendar/IT admin would have set these settings for everyone when they set up the Outlook calendar integration. If needed, please share the following article and ask the IT team to confirm that the required steps are complete:
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