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  • Submitting to edTPA Guide

    Introduction About LiveText and edTPALiveText is an edTPA Integrated Platform Provider which allows students to send their edTPA portfolio work directly to edTPA for scoring via the familiar LiveText interface. LiveText provides students an easy way to organize their edTPA portfolio work by using the File Manager feature to centrally store and manage all files.Who shoul...

  • How to compress a video file before uploading to LiveText

    The file size limit for video uploads in LiveText is 1000MB. If your instructor is using the Video Assessment feature, the file size for your video should be 200MB or less. If you are uploading videos for edTPA submission, please see your edTPA handbook to find the recommended file type and file size.If your video file exceeds the size limit you can use a video compress...

  • edTPA Pearson Contact information

    If you have questions about your Pearson authorization code or the scoring of your edTPA, please contact Pearson Customer Support for edTPA Candidates.Pearson's edTPA customer support can be reached by using the email communication form at www.edtpa.com/contacts.aspx